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hydraulic & pneumatic - solenoid valves, pumps, control valves, pressure gauge, hydraulic component manufacturer and exporter in Taiwan.
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HYSTAR offers a solution for hydraulic control systems for the new and after markets, with a wide range of high quality products and an excellent customer service throughout a well-established
worldwide distribution network.

Our commitment to a continuous improvement of quality standards is achieved by manufacturing HYSTAR products in accordance with a strict quality control standard and rigorous testing. Serving the customer efficiently and quickly is our priority.

Our directional control valves provide high performance and reliability. Available in five sizes that mount on standard CETOP (NFPA) configurations, our valves can be solenoid, hydraulic, pneumatic, cam or manually operated. The precision-machined spools allow a complete interchangeability for maximum flexibility. Reliability is enhanced through high performance wet armature construction AC and DC solenoids. These powerful solenoids offer plug-in (DIN connector type 43650), terminal box or lead-wire type are available. Manual override pins and optional push-on protective caps. CETOP 3 (NFPA D03) and CETOP 5 (NFPA D05) versions are also available with a built-in ramp to reduce shock caused by abrupt change of oil flow at a very low cost, i.e. shockless type.

Our modular valves series save space and reduce cost. Any type of hydraulic circuit can be installed without piping and fittings by stacking modular valves under the directional valve. ''V'' series modular valves is the latest version pressure up to 315 bar, size CETOP 3 (NFPA D03) flow up to 60 l/min, size CETOP 5 (NFPA D05) flow up to 120 l/min, compact type.

A full range of in-line, threaded connection and subplate mounted, directional, flow, pressure control valves, pressure switches and pressure gauge is part of our range of hydraulic components. Manifold blocks and subplates complete the range.

Our pump program includes gear pumps, fixed displacement vane and variable displacement vane with an adjustable pressure compensator and a maximum flow volume control. For higher pressure, we offer our range of variable piston pumps with an adjustable pressure compensator and a maximum flow volume control.

New installations require more and more proportional controls. That is why at HYSTARR we have developed a range of proportional electro-hydraulic pressure and flow control valves. Plus electronic amplifiers to drive these proportional control valves.

Our manufacturing program includes logic valves, poppet valves, lift valves, linear position transducers, tie-rod hydraulic cylinders, injection screw, absorbers, bladder accumulators, spin-on filters, suction strainer, oil cooler, fan cooler, mounting brackets, sight level and temperature gauges.

HYSTAR offers quality products at sensible prices with the emphasis on proven design and 100% interchangeability. When designing or modifying a hydraulic circuit, our service and range of products make HYSTAR your PARTNER


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